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Who Are We
Manufacturing Capabiity

Dopex, a prominent vape manufacturer focused on the cannabis industry, is powered by the reputable ICCPP group. As a tech-driven company, we take pride in our ongoing evolution and pioneering role in industry development. Establishing direct partnerships with premier brands and oil suppliers, we've garnered trust and recognition for our innovative and dependable products. Our primary objective is to empower clients succeed in their businesses and gain a true market competitive advantage through our top-notch e-cigarette OEM/ODM services. If you seek the best cannabis e-cigarette manufacturing services, look no further. We are your ultimate trustworthy partner.

Dopex’s research strategy places equal importance on basic research and technological applications.Since its establishment, we have been
investing more than 10% of the revenue in R&D every year.Our independent team comprises of 50+ specialists with exceptional scientific research
abilities and high academic credentials, providing robust support for Dopex to maintain its leadership position in technical innovation and product
development. Our efforts have resulted in over 1000 global patent applications to date.

Committed to delivering outstanding customer service and product expertise, our team aligns with our unparalleled quality and pricing. Every product undergos extensive testing for solvents, pesticides, and potency, ensuring a consistently pure and potent vaping experience. We present a broad selection of premium products compatible with Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-O, HHC, CBD and other plant-derived oils to meet every preference.

Dopex operates with the principle of “safety, fast,and quality” and relies on our state-of-the-art automatic equipment and digital production system to deliver exemplary products. Adopting unitized, desktop and intelligent modes as the standard, we have planned and executed nine types of automated production lines, with three as the current implementation. Our automated production capacity surpasses industry standards, allowing us to maintain full lifecycle management of orders and total control of the supply chain. We uphold our reputation for above-industry standard high quality rates and exceptional direct pass rates, all while adhering to our principle of“safety, fast,and quality”.