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Gene Flower
Blossoming Delta9 Vaporization

Crafted with precision,the Gene Flower coil is designed specifically for Delta9
oils,preserving their unique properties and delivering an authentic and robust
experience.The square design allows for more even heating compared to traditional round
heating elements,and the Delta9's lower atomization temperature reduces the risk of
overheating and enhances the natural flavor of the oil.

Gene Flower coils are engineered for maximum efficiency, translating more of your
cannabis oil into vapor while minimizing waste. This not only enhances your vaping
sessions but also contributes to a cost-effective and sustainable experience.

Gene VUltra Series

Gene VUltra Series
Elevating Vaping to a New Dimension

Our elliptical design and porous structure redefine the art of vaporization,delivering
unparalleled flavor and performance.Groundbreaking elliptical coil design,optimizing
the heating area for efficient and uniform vaporization.The meticulously engineered
porous structure guarantees consistent oil absorption,promoting enhanced vapor
production and exceptional flavor retention.

Each Gene VUltra coil is crafted with meticulous attention to detail,utilizing advanced
materials and engineering techniques.Trust in the durability of Gene VUltra
coils.Designed to withstand prolonged usage,they provide a reliable and long-lasting
performance,ensuring consistent vaporization quality throughout their lifespan.

Advanced Draw Preheating Design
Innovative Design,Pure Enjoyment


With a simple operational concept, no intricate setup steps are required.
Just pull and inhale to activate the vaporizer and enjoy the vaping pleasure.

Precision Control

Inhale Preheat Design ensures precise temperature control, allowing cannabis
oil to evaporate evenly at optimal temperatures,resulting in purer and more
intense flavors and effects.